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Providing Others Renewed Confidence & Hope


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Fun PORCH Gathering

Fun PORCH Gathering

What a fun PORCH gathering at Canton Place 9-15-21.
We played Family Feud Jeopardy and every one had a great time.
Thanks to all our volunteers and senior friends.
PORCH is a volunteer program offering it's services in Canton free of cost to the community.
Become a volunteer make someone smile today, offer kindness. it costs nothing to you but gives tremendous confidence to the person.


National Senior Citizens Day – August 21, 2021

National Senior Citizens Day – August 21, 2021

National Senior Citizens Day recognizes seniors who have spent their lives contributing to society and have impacted everyone’s lives for the better.
The country’s foundation and stable sectors are the result of the hard work of our senior citizens and they deserve all our gratitude.
PORCH volunteers made a visit to their senior Friends, played some board games, enjoyed lemonade and fresh baked cookies.
One of the volunteers also brought fresh vegetables for the seniors from her garden.
PORCH is an initiative of Local Impact Alliance.
To volunteer for PORCH, please fill out the application.
You have to be 18 years or older, a background check and a olunteer training is needed to volunteer.


Senior Safety Summit for Seniors hosted by PORCH

Senior Safety Summit for Seniors hosted by PORCH

PORCH Program and Canton Police's Community Outreach Officer Patty Esselink held a Senior Saftey Summit for Seniors.

Officer Esselnk talked about current scams happening towards senior and how to protect oneself and answered the questions. 

A lot seniors mentioned about impatient drivers on the Roads, Please let's all slow down for our Seniors.

PORCH program is glad to offer such kind of events to our seniors. The purpose of PORCH is to tackle the problem of Loneliness and Social Isolation in our community.

In order to support the program please donate or volunteer

If you know of any senior who could use a friend, please fill out the application.

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