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Providing Others Renewed Confidence & Hope

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PORCH Gathering 10-13-21

PORCH Gathering 10-13-21

PORCH gathering on 10-13-21

Going to be a beautiful fall gathering with our senior friends with apple cider, donuts and fall treats

If you know of a person who is lonely and can use a friendly face, please tell them about PORCH

Learn more about PORCH localimpactalliance.org/porch

PORCH Gathering

PORCH Gathering

PORCH Volunteers are gathering to enjoy an evening with their Senior Friends on 9-15-21.

P = Providing

O = Others

R = Renewed 

C = Confidence

H = Hope

PORCH volunteers donate their time and spend it with people who are feeling lonely or are socially isolated.

Volunteering has many benefits, either on your own or a club or friends it benefits you too.

When you donate your time, skill, energy and enthusiaism, you benefit too!

Consider volunteering for PORCH, fill out application

PORCH volunteer visit 8-17-21

PORCH volunteer visit 8-17-21

PORCH Volunteers are going to Canton Place to visit their Senior Friends and have an evening of conversation, meeting and chatting!

PORCH is a volunteer program offering it's services in Canton free of cost to the community.

PORCH recruits volunteers 18 years and older who are able to donate their time and connect with people who are socially isolated or feeling lonely.

Findings of a need assessment conducted in Canton identified social isolation and loneliness faced by seniors as number 1 issue in the community.

PORCH was created to combat the problem of social isolation and loneliness.

If you want to be part of this program please fill out an application. A background check and a volunteer training is required, both provided by organization.

PORCH application 

PORCH visit 7-13-21

PORCH visit 7-13-21

Upcoming PORCH visit to Seniors on 7-13-21.

PORCH stands for providing others renewed confidence and hope. This program is part of Local Impact Alliance
Volunteers donate time and share some conversations with seniors.

The "PORCH" initiative aims to combat "an epidemic of loneliness" among seniors through weekly phone calls, home visits and community programs.
In every community there are people with lonely lives, but there are also people of good heart who want to help their neighbors in need.

PORCH has been created to bring people together.
Participation is open to everyone 18 and older, and is a wonderful opportunity to serve your community in a rewarding way.

A simple background check and training are requires for all PORCH volunteers. There is no financial obligation attached in becoming a PORCH volunteer and it is a free service to the community.
If you want to join PORCH, please fill out the application.

volunteer application

On this visit, Officer Patty Esselink will talk about Fireworks safety and summer safety issue 

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