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Civility Project - Lunch & Learn Update

Detroit journalists Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson founded The Civility Project in 2020 to bring people with opposing viewpoints together and teach them the tools to have civil conversations, explore civic discourse without animosity, and learn how to listen productively.
The last decade has been one of the most politically and emotionally divisive in American history. Confrontation happens when civility breaks down, and it’s more important than ever for Americans to be able work through disagreements in a respectful, productive manner.
On February 7th at  Westland City Hall, The Civility Project discussed tools to stay civil in these times of discord and extreme opinions. Thank you to all who attended.

The Civility Project was presented by Westland Community Foundation , part of Local Impact Alliance.

Here are pictures from the event, video of the conversation is now available available on the website of https://localimpactalliance.org/.

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