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Congratulations Class of 2022 Scholarship Winners!

We're proud to support our community's students and their educational endeavors by offering numerous scholarships. Our program includes financial aid opportunities for students of all ages who are at different stages in their educational pursuits, as well as a number of different areas of study. 

Our online scholarship application opens in early January and remains open until mid-March.  Scholarships recipients are notified in May; and funds are sent directly to schools for the fall semester.
We are pleased to announce the winners of 2021 Scholarships.

A description of each scholarship offered through the Canton Community Foundation can be read here


Canton Community Foundation Scholarship for 2022
Scholarship Winner
Barbara Church Rodenberg Scholarship

Julia Burgess

Barbara Ann Romano

Kyle Bolyard

Canton Soccer Club

Katherine Ruffner

  Megan Wu
  Ohm Patel
  Lauren Sourbeck
Fred Thomann Memorial Scholarship

Ella Walden

Elizabeth Durack Scholarship Ericka Tucci
  Dawn Isby
Dustin Piepsney Memorial Scholarship

Reagan Moran

Marvin Schulz Memorial Scholarship - U/M

Jayden Joy

Marvin Schulz Memorial Scholarship - EMU

Carol Detary

 Meredith Whalen Memorial Scholarship

 Amelia Troung

 Jack Demmer Ford Scholarship

 Hailey Deptula

 Jack Demmer Ford - "Trade"

 Dawn Isby

 CCF/Penelope Hope Klei

 Katherine Ruffner

 Heather Nicole Hill Memorial Scholarship  Celeste Anderson
   Shannon Churchwell
   Amteshwar Kaur
 R K Bhama MD Memorial Scholarship

 Delaney Morrin

 Bonnie Berg Memorail Scholarship

 Deborah Abodunrin

 Hagbard Berg Memorial Scholarship

 Abigail Dipple

John Kelly Wheately Scholarship 

 Lily Bird

 Robert Loyd Memorial Scholarship  Donald Liveoak

 Lisa Luecke

 Livonia Firefighters Scholarship  Erica Molnar
  Alejandro Ordaz
 Eve Grigg Memorial Scholarship  Madelyn Laskowski
   Coleton Taylor
 Marjorie & Doanld Treadwell Scholarship  Daniel Heiman
Linda Hutchinson Scholarship  Jayanthi Sree Anila


Patricia Maurer created this scholarship fund in memory of her son, Jason Russell Maurer. These scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors and those who just completed their freshman year of college and who attend Woodside Bible Church - Troy Campus. This scholarship requires that the applicant attend Woodside Bible Church regularly and have documented community service. Scholarships may be awarded to those attending any college, university or trade school.

The list of awardees is below

Jason Russell Maurer Memorial Scholarship Margaret Curd
  Annie Fisher
  Caleb Flosky
  Kyler Gerrard
  Gabrielle Jones
  Alex Kirschmann
  Lauren Kolodsick
  Josh Kubik
  Olivia Kubik
  Caitlin Luca
  Hailey Nichols
  Gracelyn Philip
  Chloe Putnam
  Emma Sawdon
  Andrew Schmidt
  Alison Schoonover
  Olivia Seventko
  Autumn Simon
  Gideon Smith
  Mason Solecki
  Miranda Solecki
  Joel Stirnemann
  Luke Sumner
  Taylor Trenta
  Sophia Walker
  Olivia Weaver
  Allison Wei
  Nancy Xu


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