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Congratulations to Class of 2023 Scholarship Winners!

We're proud to support our community's students and their educational endeavors by offering numerous scholarships. Our program includes financial aid opportunities for students of all ages who are at different stages in their educational pursuits, as well as a number of different areas of study.

Our online scholarship application opens in early January and remains open until mid-March.  Scholarships recipients are notified in late April; and funds are sent directly to schools for the fall semester.

Scholarship Winner
Barbara Church Rodenberg Scholarship

Paolo Belleza

Barbara Ann Romano

Jibraan Rehman

Canton Soccer Club

Rohan Parikh

  Yara El-Sheikh
  Rory Brown
  Trevor Hammond
  Zoe Rumphr
  Lindsay Allen
Fred Thomann Memorial Scholarship

Grace Koski

Elizabeth Durack Scholarship Audrey Monroy
  Coryn Smith
Marvin Schulz Memorial Scholarship - U/M

Mariella Ma

Marvin Schulz Memorial Scholarship - EMU

Ariel Ooms

Meredith Whalen Memorial Scholarship

Alayna Barritt

Jack Demmer Ford Scholarship

Lindsy Springer

Jack Demmer Ford - "Trade"

Austin Carpenter

CCF/Penelope Hope Klei

Perrin Renaldi

Heather Nicole Hill Memorial Scholarship Eden Ericson
Canton Police Benevolence Scholarship Fund Lucas Ealy
Canton Historical Society Kavya Keshavamurthy
R K Bhama MD Memorial Scholarship

Julia Salloum

Bonnie Berg Memorail Scholarship

Jeremiah Waldorn

Hagbard Berg Memorial Scholarship

Jibraan Rahman

John Kelly Wheately Scholarship 

Delaney Morrin

Robert Loyd Memorial Scholarship Estrella Flores

Ryan Cox

Livonia Firefighters Scholarship Emma Apap
  Ryland Hughes
Eve Grigg Memorial Scholarship Callie Engler
  Katelyn Meinhold
Marjorie & Doanld Treadwell Scholarship Reagan Quinn
Lead Like a Girl Scholarship Cecilia Bermudez
Linda Hutchinson Memorial Scholarship Fund Alex Kravetz
Waltonwood - Cherry Hill Scholarship Fund Renee Burgess
  Madeline Finamore

Patricia Maurer created this scholarship fund in memory of her son, Jason Russell Maurer. These scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors and those who just completed their freshman year of college and who attend Woodside Bible Church - Troy Campus. This scholarship requires that the applicant attend Woodside Bible Church regularly and have documented community service. Scholarships may be awarded to those attending any college, university or trade school.

The list of awardees is below

Jason Russell Maurer Memorial Scholarship Madelyn Axe
  Carson Bendert
  Asa Cengeri
  Alexis Donnan
  Annie Fisher
  Kyler Gerrard
  Ian Hamminga
  Lauren Head
  Kirsten Hewines
  Grant Jeffires
  Caitlin Luca
  Hailey Nichols
  Paige Perry
  Gracelyn Philip
  Chole Putnam
  Emma Sawdon
  Andrew Schmidt
  Olivia Seventko
  Miranda Solecki
  Mason Solecki
  Miranda Solecki
  Luke Sumner
  Lilian Tasich
  Taylor Trenta
  Lordina Twum
  Sophia Walker
  Olivia Weaver
  Kaitlyn Weiss

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