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Canton Community Foundation

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Scholarships Awarded!!

We're proud to support our community's students and their educational endeavors by offering numerous scholarships. Our program includes financial aid opportunities for students of all ages who are at different stages in their educational pursuits, as well as a number of different areas of study. 

 Our online scholarship application opens in early January and remains open until mid-March.  Scholarships recipients are notified in May; and funds are sent directly to schools for the fall semester.
We are pleased to announce the winners of 2021 Scholarships.
A description of each scholarship offered through the Canton Community Foundation can be read here
Scholarship   Winner
Barbara Church Rodenberg    Lydia Kim
Canton Clerk   Nimah Azam
    Safiya Uzhunnan
Canton Soccer Club   Andrew Memmer
    Logan Hammond
    Charlotte Steglitz
    Ethan Gross
Canton Police   Rebecca Carnes
Cherry Hill Scholarship   Mar Kliczinski
    Ian Penny
Fred Thomann   Emma Brenny
Elizabeth Durack   Mary Kliczinski
Denski Family   Alexis Miller
Dustin Piepsney   Emerson Voss
Marvin Schulz Memorial   Lydia Kim
Meredith Whalen Memorial   Alice Quin
Gene & Jane Overholt Kiwanis   Aarya Kulshrestha
Erin Ryan Kiwanis   Lydia Kim
Jack Demmer Ford   Tess Carichner
CCF/Penelope Hope Klei   Kalena Wingrove
Heathe Nicole Memorial   Kane Pryor
R.K.Bhama MD Memorial   Isabella Volkers
Robert Loyd Memorial   Elizabeth Jackson
    Mariel Luecke
Livonia Firefighters Scholarship   Abbey Curtis
    Andie Klisz
Eve Grigg Memorial Scholarship   Dante Knarian
    Katey Krohn
Marjorie & Donald Treadwell   Marina Rensi
Linda Hutchinson Scholarship   Samantha Green
Jason Russell Maurer Memorial   Carly Allen
    Lily Batey
    Hanna Bendert
    Ellie Bossenberger
    AJ Fillmore
    Sarah Fisher
    Ethan Flosky
    Erika Head
    Ana Hernandez
    Audrey Jett
    Alex Kirachmann
    Josh Kubik
    Olivia Kubik
    Hannah Kuczynski
    Emma Moore
    Alicia Perkins
    Jeremy Putnam
    Zoe Sawdon
    Alison Schoonover
    Kaeley Sells
    Mason Solecki
    Elena Toomajian
    Chloe Upton
    Allison Wei
    Nancy Xu

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