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The organizations of the Local Impact Alliance are working hard for all of the communities of Western Wayne County.  Below is just a sampling of the latest news from the nonprofits and groups under the LIA umbrella.

Lunch & Learn Series - Future Fit

Lunch & Learn Series - Future Fit

Local Impact Alliance Announces 4th in the series of  “Lunch and Learn”.

Monthly series highlights community leaders in an informal, “brown bag” setting.
The goal of this series is to foster community discussion on issues of importance to Canton, Plymouth, Westland.
Each session will begin at 11:30 am and will be hosted in the 1st floor boardroom of Township Hall of the Canton Township Administration Building — 1150 S. Canton Center Rd., Canton, Mi 48188.
Sessions are FREE! Registration is required
Click here to register.

June 1st
Bridging the Student and Employer Gap Through “Future Fit”
with Brooke Franklin, Founder & President of Adaptive Creative Solution
future fit transparentDid you know that 83% of Human Resource professionals said they had trouble finding suitable job candidates; and a whopping 60% of employers said that job candidates show a lack of preparation for the roles they seek?
It is because of shocking stats like this and the knowledge that many of ourlocal students are looking for alternative paths to their career futures that the Local Impact Alliance has partnered with the Canton Chamber of Commerce to design this new program we call Future Fit.
 We hope that you will join for this very important presentation by Future Fit Program Director, Brooke Franklin. Brooke will details not only why Future Fit is important for our students and businesses, but she will detail how the four-step program works and the impact it will make in our community.brooke
Brooke is known throughout the region as a first-class leader and driver of engagement, specializing in talent pipeline management and K-12 business partnerships. In addition, Brooke was identified by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for the Inaugural Business LEADS Program, which focused on research policy and programs that assist businesses by connecting education and workforce reforms to economic development. With more than a decade of service to local students and businesses, Brookewill share her passion for helping students create a solid future for themselves, while also assisting local businesses.
Enjoy your summer!
We will pick up the series again this fall, beginning with a workshop for high school students and their parents.
Have a topic you would like to see at an upcoming Lunch & Learn? Call or email Beth Meade at 734-495-1200 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Westland Community Foundation will be hosting a "Christmas in July" a fundraiser to support Westland Community Fund at Local Impact Alliance.
Westland Community Foundations has supported various projects in the past to enhance Westland's civic, cultural and educational communities.
Please stay tuned to this page for more announcement as how you can be part of this great evening and bring change in the lives of people.

Tickets will be available to purchase and there will be opportunities for businesses to sponsor a great evening at various levels.

Giving Hope Grants to Michigan Foster Care Closet

Giving Hope Grants to Michigan Foster Care Closet

Hello Giving Hope Ladies,

The ladies of Giving Hope are so generous!  So proud of all our ladies who donated monetarily as well as donating the spring & summer PJ's and stuffed animals to the Michigan Foster Care Closet of Plymouth. Giving Hope was able to send MFCC a check for $1400 which will be used to purchase more PJ's. We were able to take over 4 large bags of donations!  About 40 more pairs of PJ's were donated through the Amazon wishlist and sent directly to MFC.

The Michigan Foster Care Closet is a 501(c)3 non-profit staffed by 100% volunteers. No one gets paid, so all of the monetary donations go directly to helping foster children & foster families. They service 65-75 individual children a month all free of charge. Clothing children with confidence and self-esteem, is what they strive for with every child that walks through their doors. They are very intentional with their help and support the whole foster family. If you are interested in volunteering at MFCC, please call Rachael Secord at (734) 664-4089. Rachael operates the MFCC in Plymouth out of the 2500 sq ft basement of her home, which is open 24/7!  Their website is michiganfostercarecloset.org. You can also follow them on Facebook-Michigan Foster Care Closet-Plymouth and click follow. There are many opportunities to donate & volunteer.

We had 17 ladies join us on Zoom for our March 9th "Pajama Party" supporting Michigan Foster Care Closet in Plymouth. Rachael Secord, the president of MFCC spoke to us about the stressful situations that children experience when they are removed from their home. We also had some fun listening to the Canton/Denton ghost story with Mad Libs & playing a Kahoot.com trivia game. A Big Thank you to Karen Hanchett. Thank you to Sharon Flips for being a porch collection drop off, drawing & delivering our spa bag winner. Thank you to Becky Hurst who helped deliver the porch collections to MFCC. Thank you to Denise for the wonderful Facebook post. Thankful to be part of helping foster children in our area by supporting Michigan Foster Care Closet.

Looking forward to our summer social event on June22 in-person!  Giving Hope will be supporting Seedlings, Braile Books for Children

Raeann Neil 

Special Events Chair

Lunch & Learn Series Recording

Lunch & Learn Series Recording

Thank you to those of you who were able to join us either in person or virtually for 1st Lunch & Learn regarding the census.  Ren Farley was both entertaining and informative. For those of you who were unable to attend, we have a recording of the event.

Watch here

Women's History Month - Betty Ford

Women's History Month - Betty Ford

Hello, Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle member! Here is the next in our selection of significant philanthropic women for your reading and learning pleasure! What a wonderful legacy of Giving as women we share! Wishing you a wonderful week!  

Betty Ford was chosen for her strength and bravery. She was not afraid to speak out about issues many women faced yet were afraid to talk about. Betty was candid about women’s rights and health issues, speaking out about   her diagnosis with breast cancer and encouraging women to get yearly exams. Outspoken about drug and alcohol abuse and the importance seeking help and treatment.  Her voice helped so many women and families.

Betty Ford

A groundbreaking First Lady, Betty Ford is often remembered for her candor in addressing the controversial issues of her time.

Elizabeth Anne “Betty” Bloomer was born in Chicago and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After graduating from Central High School, she went on to study modern dance at Bennington School of the Dance. 

Betty returned to Michigan in 1941 and became a fashion coordinator for a department store.  During this time, she continued to pursue her love of dance by starting her own performance group and teaching dance to handicapped children.

Betty became the First Lady when husband Gerald Ford became the 38th President of the United States. A few months later, Ford was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a radical mastectomy. Rather than suppressing the diagnosis, she courageously shared her story and inspired countless women across the nation to get breast examinations. During her tenure as First Lady, Ford continued to be an outspoken advocate of women’s rights, addressing public issues like the Equal Rights Amendment and increasing the number of women appointed to senior government posts.

After the Presidency 1976 Betty moved her family to Rancho Mirage, California. In 1978, following a family intervention, Ford underwent successful treatment for addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. She again used her personal story to raise public awareness of addiction, and in 1982, she co-founded the Betty Ford Center to treat victims of alcohol and chemical dependency.

Great Start to Lunch & Learn Series!

Great Start to Lunch & Learn Series!

The Lunch & Learn series is off to a great start!
Our First speaker Ren Farley gave presentation and spoke about "Impacts of Census and the Possible Undercount"
It was held at 1st Flor Board Room of Canton Township Building from 11:30 -12:30.
Below are some pictures from the event.
The topic was very well received and was attended by many.
The Lunch & Learn series is FREE to attend.
Next event is scheduled for April 20th at the same location and at the same time.
What Is My Legacy in the Community? – Christopher Kelly, Director of Major and Planned Giving, Schoolcraft College Foundation
The Lunch & Learn Series is hosted by Local Impact Alliance.

LIA comprise of Canton Community Foundation, Community Foundation of Plymouth, Westland Community Foundation.

Women's History Month - Cora Reynolds Andersen

Women's History Month - Cora Reynolds Andersen

Hello, Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle member! Here is the next in our selection of significant philanthropic women for your reading and learning pleasure! What a wonderful legacy of Giving as women we share! Wishing you a wonderful week!  


Cora Reynolds Anderson (1882 -1950) was the first woman elected to the Michigan House of Representatives, serving one term from 1925 to 1926. She is also believed to be the only Native American woman elected to the Michigan House or Senate.

While in the House of Representatives, Anderson concentrated on public welfare issues and chaired the Industrial Home for Girls Committee. She was particularly interested in public health issues, especially the fight against alcoholism and tuberculosis. Prior to her term, she had organized the first public health service in Baraga County and was instrumental in securing the county’s first public health nurse. She also became actively involved in the Michigan Grange and served as the Upper Peninsula officer.

Anderson was educated as a teacher at the Haskell Institute in Lawrence, Kansas, which is known today as the Haskell Indian Nations University. She taught school in the Upper Peninsula for several years. At a time when minorities, including Native Americans, were subjected to considerable economic and social discrimination, Anderson’s determination to attend college and return the benefits of her education to her community was notable. Her role as educator, legislator, public health reform leader aided the Native American community as well as the whole of society.

I find her amazing as not only as the first women elected to the legislator in 1925, but also a minority. I appreciate her bravery and voice for the people of Michigan on education and public health issues. She was an educator and organized the first public health service in the UP.

Women's History Month

Women's History Month

Clara Bryant Ford was chosen for her early and significant philanthropic efforts to improve the lives of women and children and for contributing land and financial aid to Vista Maria home for women and girls.  

Through her philanthropic endeavors and own self-determination, Clara Bryant Ford (1866-1950) made it her life’s mission to improve the life and welfare of women and those in poverty-stricken areas across the country. Clara Ford and her husband, Henry, created and funded numerous programs that focused on women’s rights and self-sufficiency, education, healthcare, and environmentalism. Vista Maria, originally a home for orphaned girls, the School of Nursing and Hygiene at Henry Ford Hospital, Planned Parenthood (1945-her death). They also supported several small liberal arts colleges such as Berry College, Vassar, and Radcliff.  

Born into a farming family, Mrs. Ford was an avid gardener and promoted the idea of urban gardens during the Great Depression amongst the Ford Motor Company employees. She donated food grown on her family’s farms to more than a dozen institutions on a weekly basis. From 1924-1932, Mrs. Ford served as president of the Women’s National Farm & Gardens Association during which time she created a “Roadside Market” campaign that encouraged rural women to sell their home-grown produce at roadside stands, enabling them to earn their own income.  

Clara Ford was also active in the suffrage movement. By 1918 she was an outspoken advocate and organizer for women’s suffrage campaign, serving as Vice Chair of the Dearborn branch of the Equal Suffrage League of Wayne County with meetings being held frequently at her Fair Lane home. In 1921, she served on the Board of Directors of the Michigan League of Women Voters. 

Happy Women's History Month!

Happy Women's History Month!

Hello Ladies of Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle!

 March is Women's History Month, and we will be highlighting 4 philanthropic women we believe embody the ideals, strengths, and purposes of our Circle! We Hope you will enjoy our choices and learn more about these amazing Women who are foundations of the legacy of Giving we follow! Best Wishes and enjoy this Month for Women!

Week #1 Clara Bryant Ford

Week #2 Cora Reynolds Andersen

Week #3 Matilda Dodge Wilson

Week #4 Betty Bloomer Ford

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