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The organizations of the Local Impact Alliance are working hard for all of the communities of Western Wayne County. Below is just a sampling of the latest news from the nonprofits and groups under the LIA umbrella.

Community Grants awarded - CFP

Community Grants awarded - CFP

The Community Foundation of Plymouth has worked to enrich the quality of life in the Plymouth area through grants and scholarships that have benefited Plymouth residents. We work with those who have a similar vision to build on our permanent endowment to benefit the community of Plymouth.
Since 2005, the Community Foundation of Plymouth has granted more than $1.3 million to support local programs, projects and students in the Plymouth community.
That is certainly an amazing amount of money that has gone back into helping our local community! Most recently, $12,000 was granted to worthy organizations that applied for grants during yearly granting cycle.
They included:
# Leo Rising - $2,000 for licensed hairdresser who will provide products, styling tools and instructions for varying hair types and textures for low income children, particualarly targeting clients of Plymouth Community Foster care Closet.
# Miracle League of Plymouth - $2,500 towards replacement of playing surface of baseball field for special need kids.
# Plymouth Community Foster Closet - $1,500 to purchase clothing, shpes, hygiene products and car seats for children in area foster care.
# New Hope Center for Grief Support - $2,500 for Next Step Grief Support Peer Groups: seminars, and workshops with some designed for seniors.
# YMCA Plymouth - $2,500 for Girls on the Run programming which combines running with focus on physical, social and emotional health for girls.
# Courageous Kids - $1,000 fpr family outings for families with seriously ill children.


Giving Tuesday is November 28, 2023!
If you're looking for Giving Tuesday, you're in the right place. On November 28, 2023, 5 of our affiliate non profit organizations throughout Western Wayne county of Michigan, as well as a few of the Community Foundation's key programs, will team up to raise funds for the good of our communities!
As your Local Community Foundation, we spend every day working to improve the lives of all who live in your local community. Our Community Foundation is built from donations from hundreds of people who care about our communities, allows your gift to do the most good, sustaining and building a vibrant region.
Local Impact Alliance consist of following non profits, foundations, giving circle and community programs:
Canton Community Foundation - Since 1989, the Canton Community Foundation has helped to enhance philanthropy in Canton Township and the surrounding communities.
Community Foundation of Plymouth - The Community Foundation of Plymouth has worked to enrich the quality of life in the Plymouth area through grants and scholarships that have benefited Plymouth residents.
Westland Community Foundation - In 1996, the Westland Community Foundation was founded to enhance Westland's civic, educational, and cultural communities
Eagles For Children - Eagles for Children® is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that uses a simple, fun and engaging program at private golf clubs to raise funds to support local children's charities that benefit disadvantaged children.
Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle - Group of local women philanthropists helping in the local community, reaching and assisting women, children, and their families in need.
P.O.R.C.H. - Providing Others Renewed Confidence and Hope, a community service provided free to the local senior residents who are struggling with loneliness.
Please support any of the program which touches your heart

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Giving Hope Fall Annual Business Meeting

Giving Hope Fall Annual Business Meeting

News & Updates

Hello Circle Members,

Thank you to everyone who made time to attend our annual meeting and fall charity event last Wednesday evening. Rocky's did not disappoint, and we enjoyed dinner and time together.

During the business portion of the evening, I shared brief highlights from our past year, including four events and the Living and Learning Enrichment Center tour.

Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle truly has made an important impact on our local community in need, and we can all be very proud of our efforts.

Treasurer Denise Murray shared the latest financial statement with those in attendance. Our fund and endowments are strong and will enable us to continue our mission of Giving Hope to women, children, and families in need. 

It is also time to submit your annual dues, so please do so at your earliest convenience. You may send a check to the CCF/LIA office or use the QR code to make payment online. Thank you in advance.

I would like take this moment to thank Denise Murray for her years of service as the Giving Hope Women's Giving Circle Treasurer. It was a big job and Denise always did it professionally and thoroughly. We have been truly fortunate to have her share her time and talent keeping track of all our expenses, funds, dues, and related information. Many thanks again for a job well done!

Next, I had the honor of introducing and welcoming our newest Giving Hope "Circle" members Jill Dean, Margaret Currie, Rachelle Vartarian. Both Jill and Margaret were presented with their Giving Hope; Women's Giving Circle pins.

I am very proud to let everyone know our current membership count is 64!! Thank you for joining us ladies - the more the merrier and more "Hope" we can "Give" together! Keep telling your friends about Giving Hope and let's keep growing!

Next, Grants Committee Chair Jane Kerjes gave us detailed information about the many grants our Circle has provided to organizations over the years and during our most recent grant cycle.Since the creation of Giving Hope, we have given out over $190,000.00! That is certainly an amazing amount of money that has gone back into helping our local community! Most reently, $13,000 was granted to worthy organzations that applied grants during our yearly spring granting cycle.

They included:

  • Fleece and Thank you
  • St. Vincent de Paul /Journey to Housing
  • Partnership for the Arts & Humanities / Adapive Creative Expression program
  • Plymouth Canton Literacy Council
  • P-CCS Clothing Bank
  • Salvation Army Summer Day Camp Scholarship program

Many thanks to Jane and her dedicated committee for reviewing the applications and making these decisions. We should be proud knowing how much assistance we are providing for these organizations; helping them reach their goals. Well done!

During dessert Katie Montes, the director of Mary's Mantle, gave us a presentation about the charity and what does it does for the community. Mary's Mantle provides housing for homeless, pregnant women in crisis. They currently operate a home where they can house four ladies at a time. The women stay during their pregnancy and receive support services during and after the birth of their children. Mary's Mantle is hoping to grow its facilities and is currently researching local property for their needs. I invite you to look them up on the website to find out more about this great place and its people.

Thank you everyone who supported Mary's Mantle through our Pass the Purse. We raised over $1000. Great job, Ladies!!

The last item of business for the evening was to introduce and welcome the new Giving Hope, Wome's Giving Circle Advisory Board members! Our new Chairwoman is Karen Hanchett, and new Treasurer is Jackie Josey. Thank you, ladies for stepping up to serve in these important positions to ensure the future success and legacy of our Circle. The Advisory Board is still in need of at least two additional members to join the board. The roles of Vice Chir and Membership need to be filled. Please consider joining the board and being a part of this great group dedicated to directing and doing the important work of Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle!


Thank you!

I would like to say thank you to the Advisory Board and all the members of Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle to honor and opportunity to work with you and over these past years. I was nervous about becoming Chairwoman but all of you made the experience a wonderful learning opportunity on so many unexpected levels - the one I will always treasure!

From our first and greatly productive board meetings, to the necessary online meetings and zoom event gatherings, to my silly event videos, to our back to in-person gatherings....and all those moments in between; it has been a blast!! Best of all, we made our Circle bigger and stonger together. And that is truly something to be proud of!

I also want to express my deep and sincere gratitude to our wonderful CCF/LIA support staff - Beth Meade, Darice Schubatis and Mili Tandon - for their support and assistance covering all our GH, WGC adminstrative needs. We really couldn't do any great work of Giving Hope without them!

In closing , I give my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to you all and my very best wishes for our amazing organization Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle! May it continue to succeed in its mission of assisting women, children and families in our local community and grow in its potential to gather and cultivate a strong circle of women philanthropists! Together we can reach these goals and Give Hope to all!

Linda Demmer

Former Chairwoman of Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle

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PORCH visit 10-10-23

PORCH visit 10-10-23

PORCH Volunteers spent a warm celebration of Fall with cookies, donuts and cider with local senior residents.

The evening was completely organized and run by volunteers.

What a wonderful and heartwarming way to support your community.

All you need is good heart to volunteer. 

According to PEW center for  research:-

  • 43% of seniors feel lonely
  • There is 45% more risk of mortality in seniors who report feeling lonely
  • Similar to smoking as 15 cigarettes daily

If you want to volunteer and make an impact, fill out the application and make a senior smile.

PORCH application

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View the embedded image gallery online at:
Community Foundation of Plymouth Grants

Community Foundation of Plymouth Grants

The Community Foundation of Plymouth is dedicated to enriching the quality of life in the Plymouth area by providing grants to organizations that support our mission.

These organizations must:
- Be 501(c) public charities.
- Encourage the self-sufficiency and well-being of residents within the 48170 zip code.
- Encourage programs which are collaborative, comprehensive and have the potential to be continuous.
- Encourage leveraging and matching grant opportunities from multiple funders.
- Support "seed" money opportunities for innovative projects.

Here is the link to fill application

While the Community Foundation of Plymouth remains flexible in trying to meet community needs, the following are areas that will generally not be considered for funding at this time:
- Routine operating expenses
- Travel, tours or trips
- Endowment campaigns
- Special fundraising events and sponsorships
- Organizations that do not provide services to the greater Plymouth, Michigan area
- Political organizations
- Existing obligations or debts/liabilities
- Individuals
- Issues that divide us, not unite us


What fun way to celebrate Christmas in Summer!

What fun way to celebrate Christmas in Summer!

A great evening of celebration hosted by Westland Community Foundation to raise funds for the Westland Community Fund.
This fund has donated over a million dollars (including matching grants) in the Westland community as scholarships and grants to better the lives of it's citizens.
It was heart warming to see friends come together to find ways to impact their community.
Guests brought food to be donated to Westland Salvation Army.
The evening was celebrated at Hellenic Cultural Center with food, music and memories.
To learn more about Westland Community Foundation and Christmas in July, click on the link below. Westland Community Foundation is an affiliate of Local Impact Alliance.
Healthy Youth and Healthy Senior Fund Awards Grants

Healthy Youth and Healthy Senior Fund Awards Grants

Canton Community Foundation and affiliate of Local Impact Alliance awards grants from Healthy Youth and Healthy Senior Fund.

Since 1989, the Canton Community Foundation has helped to enhance philanthropy in Canton Township and the surrounding communities of Western Wayne County.

In 2000, as a result of a national tobacco settlement, Canton Community Foundation was among 65 community foundations in Michigan to receive an allocation of funds to aid community efforts that support healthy youth and healthy seniors.

Here is the list of Grants awarded to very deserving Non Profits in our Community.

1. Partnership for Arts & Humanities - $2,000 Adaptive Creative Expression. To launch new adaptive arts and movement-based programming at the Village Arts Factory for a youth demographic that has been widely and historically underserved and will benefit from opportunities to explore and build new skills (communication, fine/gross motor, etc.,) while forming important social connections and meaningful ties to the community.

2. Rainbow Connection - $2,000 Special Response for Canton Wish Families. The program will assist wish families who have unexpected financial burdens coinciding with having to care for a child in a critical condition. Along with IMMEDIATE relief in the areas of groceries, gas, car repairs, rent/mortgage, utilities, furniture, clothing, funeral expenses, and other emergent needs.

3. Miracle League of Plymouth - $3,500 Winter Holiday Party an indoor event, fully catered, for all the special needs families (including mothers and all children within those families)

4. New Hope Center for Grief Support- $5,000 New Hope plans to expand School-Based Grief Program in the Plymouth-Canton Community School District. It currently offers the program at the four Plymouth-Canton High Schools (Plymouth, Canton, Salem, and Starkweather). District leadership values New Hope’s program and wants to gradually expand across all the elementary and middle schools (19 schools).

Red, White & Blue --& You!

Red, White & Blue --& You!

Giving Hope, Women’s Giving Circle June 14th Summer Social

Red, White & Blue --& You!

Our Summer Social celebrated Flag Day and supported the new VA Women’s Health Center. We had the privilege of listening to Rt. Brig. General Carol Ann Fausone and Cheryl Allen, manager of VA Women’s Health Center of Ann Arbor share their passion and concern for our women veterans and their specific health issues.

Rt. Brig. General Carol Ann has served our country for over 40 years as a US Air Force and National Guard Medical officer. Currently, she works at Legal Help for Veterans as the CFO (chief fix-it officer), helping to secure VA benefits for our veterans. She, along with her husband, has authored several veterans’ books. She generously donated several books which were part of our summer social drawing.

Through your generous donations Giving Hope was able to raise $ 1780 to help support the new VA Women’s Health Center along with the vital programs focused on women veterans. Your generosity will make a meaningful difference in the lives of our women veterans. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Our Giving Hope Summer Social was a time for enjoying friendships with women who share a passion for making a difference in our community. Our attendees indulged in a picnic-themed Summertime Grill Buffet at The Spoon’s Place in Canton, followed up with apple pie and brownies for dessert.

Special Thank you to Linda Demmer, who contacted Rt. Brig. General Carol Ann Fausone as our speaker for this event. She also donated the US Flag and patriotic basket for our drawing.

Thank you to The Spoons Place & staff for the hospitality.

As always thank you to our Special Events Committee who work to set up & clean up.

Thank you for being part of Giving Hope, Women’s Giving Circle!

Raeann Neil

Special Events Chair


Upcoming events:

Keep a look out for information on a small group event at Living & Learning Center in September.

Our next event is our Annual Business Meeting on Oct 18th at Rocky’s.

Mark your calendar for our Dixboro shopping event Nov 29th.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 Scholarship Winners!

We're proud to support our community's students and their educational endeavors by offering numerous scholarships. Our program includes financial aid opportunities for students of all ages who are at different stages in their educational pursuits, as well as a number of different areas of study.

Our online scholarship application opens in early January and remains open until mid-March.  Scholarships recipients are notified in May; and funds are sent directly to schools for the fall semester.

A description of each scholarship offered through the Community Foundation of Plymouth can be found here.

Westland Community Foundation Schoarships
Scholarship Winner
Westland Community Scholarship Fund Madison Inman
  Erica Maladecki
  Evan Ortell
  Stephen Rudzki
  David Washington
  Buster Wurm
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