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Field of Interest Funds

Plymouth Community Foster Closet Fund was founded to support families throughout the foster care process by providing funding for clothing, hygiene items, and more throughout time in care, extending through to reunification, adoption or as a child ages out. PCFCF commits to work with individuals, families, communities, and social service agencies to provide these items in a dignified, inclusive, and respectful manner. 


Plymouth Community Foster Closet Fund's vision is to make sure a child in care has immediate and continued free access to clothing and personal care items throughout their time in care. 

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This memorial fund was created to benefit organizations that serve the senior community as well as organizations that provide cultural services to the community.

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The mission of The School Violence Prevention Coalition is to create the safest possible learning environments for all P-CCS students, staff, and guests through positive, non-partisan collaboration with P-CCS educators/staff, parents/caregivers, students, and community members and organizations to support and assist P-CCS in preventing, preparing, responding and recovering from emergencies and crisis situations. 

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Established in memory of CFP board member Dave Siegrist, the Siegrist Memorial Youth Fund's purpose is to meet the needs of youth served by the Community Foundation of Plymouth.

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"We are surrounded by a rich and fertile mystery.

May we not probe it, pry into it, employ ourselves about it, a little?"

Henry David Thoreau

Weatherings was created to help those who are "weathering life's storms."  The fund will support entrepreneurs and artists who are probing, prying and employing themselves in projects involving creative explorations, community development and/or cultural enrichment.  Remember, storms never last but while it is pouring, we hope to offer an umbrella.


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