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The Community Foundation of Plymouth is dedicated to enriching the quality of life in the Plymouth area by providing grants to organizations that support our mission.

These organizations must:
- Be 501(c) public charities.
- Encourage the self-sufficiency and well-being of residents within the 48170 zip code.
- Encourage programs which are collaborative, comprehensive and have the potential to be continuous.
- Encourage leveraging and matching grant opportunities from multiple funders.
- Support "seed" money opportunities for innovative projects.

While the Community Foundation of Plymouth remains flexible in trying to meet community needs, the following are areas that will generally not be considered for funding at this time:
- Routine operating expenses
- Travel, tours or trips
- Endowment campaigns
- Special fundraising events and sponsorships
- Organizations that do not provide services to the greater Plymouth, Michigan area
- Political organizations
- Existing obligations or debts/liabilities
- Individuals
- Issues that divide us, not unite us

Grant application for 2021 is now open till September 20th. Please click on the link below to apply.

Grants Application

Recent Grant Recipients

YMCA Plymouth - $5000 Community Foundation Plymouth Fund

The YMCA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit social services organization dedicated to Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility.The YMCA Plymouth has served youth and families in local community for many years. The Grant would support Girls on the Run and Stride Pogramming at YMCA Plymouth. Girls on the Run inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-basedGirls on the Run inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. The program reaches girls at a critical stage,strengthening their confidence at a time when society begins to tell them they can't. Underscoring the important connection between physical and emotional health. STRIDE encourages boys to exhibit excellence in character in all aspects of their lives, make healthychoices, and build confidence by leading them through a curriculum that incorporates fun activities and running.

Growth Works - $2600 - Sumerlee Fund for Seniors & Cultural Activities

Growth Works is a Human Services organization, providing a variety or services, specializing in Substance Use Treatment, Juvenile Justice/Case Management and Family Services. Their mission is to help individuals restore hope, embrace change, and improve their lives. Narcan (Naloxone) is a life saving treatment for individuals in an overdose. While police and fire can respond quickly, minutes matter which is why Growth Works is on a mission to train as many individuals on this life saving treatment and get it in the hands of everyone that needs it. It is a quicktraining on how to administer the nasal spray and it is accompanied by a powerful personal testament to the stigma and shame attached to addiction. The grant will be used to purchase the NARCAN kits to be distributed in the community.

Camp Casey - $2500 - Siegrist Memorial Youth Fund

Camp Casey is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides cost-free horseback riding programs to children diagnosed with cancer, rare blood disorders, and life-threatening illnesses in the state of Michigan. The mission ofCamp Casey is to provide safe and fun experiences for children and families affected by childhood cancer, rare blood disorders, and other life-threatening illnesses through accessible horseback riding programs. In 2021, Camp Casey's goal is to serve between twenty five (25) and thirty (30) families in Southeast Michigan with its Horsey House Call program. Support from the Plymouth Community Foundation at the $2,500 level would make this unique experience possible for a sick child and their family in the Plymouth Canton area.

University of Michigan, Dept of Psychiatry. - $82,000 - The Anthony G Sclabassi Memorial Fund

The gift from the Anthony G. Sclabassi Memorial Fund will provide philanthropic support of mental health programs at the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry. A majority of the funds are ultimately going to be used to support innovative research in the prevention and treatment of depression, bipolar and other mood disorders

Courageous Kids, Inc. - $2500 - Siegrist Memorial Youth Fund
Courageous Kids sole purpose is to provide our courageous kids and their families opportunities for positive anticipation and distraction from medical issues and treatments, social interaction with kids and families in similar situations, and premium entertainment that families otherwise might not be able to afford. This grant will partially fund events for the 65 families Courageous Kids currently serves.

Plymouth Historical Society - $1500 - Summerlee Fund for Senior & Cultural Activities
The Plymouth Historical Society was given a caboose in 2019.  The caboose is not handicap accessible.  In order for all visitors to enjoy the caboose, the Historical Society will use this grant to produce a video documentary for all to learn the history of the caboose.

PARC - $1000 - Summerlee Fund for Senior & Cultural Activities
With all major art fairs, gallery opening, and performances cancelled, the artists at PARC have no way to show their work, or perform their music. The Side Door Gallery project would convert an existing 2,200-square-foot space into a gallery that is open to the public, where the visual artists can display and sell their artwork, and where musicians can perform in small groups. Some of the artists will have the abiity to demonstrate their work, such as glass blowing, painting, and making pottery. The Side Door Gallery will be open two Saturdays per month.

First Step - $3700 - Community Foundation of Plymouth Endowment Fund
It is imperative that First Step's staff are able to social distance from each other and clients, while maintaining confidentiality in the workplace. Along with adjusting their office space, the funds will be used to create individual toy/activity packages for children waiting during parent sessions and for use during children's counseling sessions. This will allow the staff to give the children something to keep them occupied but will remove the need to sanitize toys and the children will be able to take the packages home, thus, alleviating concerns of cross contamination. 

New Hope Center for Grief Support - $3700 - Community Foundation of Plymouth Endowment Fund
As a bereavement resource center in Northville, Michigan, New Hope's vision is that those who come through the program create a safe community for others in grief and change the way our culture views grief and loss.  This grant will allow New Hope to offer virtual first steps peer support as well as individual peer support for complicated grief due to losses from COVID-19.

Plymouth Canton Community Literacy Council - $1000 - Community Foundation of Plymouth Endowment Fund
The Plymouth Canton Community Literacy Council has been conducting tutor training sessions to train tutors to assist adults to increase their English literacy skills since 1985.  These funds will be used to comply with CDC guidelines to keep people safe and at the same time allow learning to continue.  Specialized face masks with a clear covering over the mouth will be purchased.  When teaching any foreign language, it is important that the student see how words are formed by an attention to the placement of the tongue and the formation of the mouth.

Rotary Club of Plymouth A.M. Foundation - $3700 - Community Foundation of Plyouth Endowment Fund
The Rotary Club of Plymouth A.M. has had a partnership with P-CCS's Infant and Preschool Special Education Program (IPSEP) for nearly 20 years working with staff to provide equipment and experiences for this special population at Allen School. In order for students to return to instruction with COVID-19, an additional outdoor space is needed.  This classroom will have five preschool outdoor picnic tables (two with wheelchair accessibility), a sand table, a locked storage cabinet, and teacher table and chairs. It will be colorfully painted and wheelchair accessible. 


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