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Visit this space for all the news regarding how the Community Foundation of Plymouth is working in Plymouth and Plymouth Township.

Local Impact Alliance Annual Report 2021

Local Impact Alliance Annual Report 2021

Please take a look at our report and see how impactful the year was for our local foundations Canton Community Foundation, Community Foundation Plymouth and Westland Community Foundation.

If you are considering end of the year donation , please scan the QR code, it's that easy to be a Difference Maker!


Dear Friends,

Giving back to your community is one of the highest services you can provide to those in need. And those of you receiving this Annual Report are some of the most generous in our world; and for that, I congratulate and thank you.

But along with being charitable yourself, helping others in your circle of influence to learn how to give is an effort well worth all of out time. During the holidays, I Urge your to have conversations with friends and family members to explain how you give back to your community. Show them a path to philanthropy. Examples are a great way of illustrating to someone the many ways they can give back - and you all are fantastic representatives in showing how to be generous.

In addition, our team at the Local Impac Alliance (LIA) has provided you stories of people right here in Western Wayne County who have worked with our various foundations in order to fulfill their philanthropic dreams.

You'll learn about Serena Baker who is fast becoming a "difference maker" within her community, thanks to what she learned from her mentors in the Lead Like a Girl program. The Canton Police Benevolence Fund, the Last Hope Fund, the Canton Cares Fund, and the Community Foundation of Plymouth are also making their mark in our community.

Through stories like these, you can show someone whom you care about how they can become a "difference maker" in their community. And, of course, we hope that you will point them back to our family of foundations (The Canton Community Foundation, the Community Foundation of Plymouth, Giving Hope Women's Giving Circle, and now we are pleased to add the Westland Community Foundation to our LIA family). Beth Mease and the team at LIA would be happy to help.

Finally, as we enter this season of giving, I hope that you will do as my family does, and take a look at our commitment to philanthropy, what our focus is, and at what level we hope to give in the coming year. Any time you would like to discuss your own fund or an idea for a fund with  Beth and the team, please call the LIA office at 734-495-1200 and they will be happy to make an appointment to meet with you.

I wish you a happy and healthy new year and easy winter.

Your Board Chairman,

Steven Sneideman




CFP awards Grants

CFP awards Grants

Community Foundation of Plymouth recently announced the 2021 Grants receipts.
Congratulations to:
  1. $5000 to the Plymouth YMCA to fund Girls on the Run and Stride programming.
  2. $2661 to Growth Works for Narcan kits.
  3. $2500 To Camp Casey for Horsey Call.
The Community Foundation of Plymouth is dedicated to enriching the quality of life in the Plymouth area by providing grants to organizations that support our mission.


Community Foundation Plymouth Grants Application is now Open!!

Community Foundation Plymouth Grants Application is now Open!!

Community Foundation of Plymouth Grants Application is now Open!!
The Community Foundation of Plymouth is dedicated to enriching the quality of life in the Plymouth area by providing grants to organizations that support our mission.
These organizations must:
- Be 501(c) public charities.
- Encourage the self-sufficiency and well-being of residents within the 48170 zip code.
- Encourage programs which are collaborative, comprehensive and have the potential to be continuous.
- Encourage leveraging and matching grant opportunities from multiple funders.
- Support "seed" money opportunities for innovative projects.
Community Foundation is part of Local Impact Alliance and is serving the community for over 30 years.

Please apply online at the link below.

Grants Application

Farmers Market Plymouth

Farmers Market Plymouth

National Farmers Market Week
August 1-7, 2021
Let’s celebrate Farmers Markets! National Farmers Market Week is a great opportunity to show the nation how much value markets bring to their communities.
Beth Meade, President/CEO of Local Impact Alliance helping with sowing at Canton Historical Farm. The produce from this farm is donated to Open Door ministries.
Plymouth and Canton both have great Farmers Market.
Canton Farmers Market
500 N. Ridge Road
Canton, MI 48187Wayne
(734) 394-5375
Farmers Market Hours
Start Date: 05/09 - End Date: 10/17
Sunday : 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Plymouth Community Farmers Market 2021
Saturdays, May 8 - October 23, 8am - 12:30pm
760 Penniman Avenue, Plymouth, MI 48170




We're proud to support our community's students and their educational endeavors by offering numerous scholarships. Our program includes financial aid opportunities for students of all ages who are at different stages in their educational pursuits, as well as a number of different areas of study.

Our online scholarship application opens in early January and remains open until mid-March.  Scholarships recipients are notified in May; and funds are sent directly to schools for the fall semester.

A description of each scholarship offered through the Community Foundation of Plymouth can be found here.


Scholarship   Winner
George Lawton/ CFCU   Evan Adamski
    Morgan Cummings
    Avery Geyer
    Kari Klavon
    Tanvi Mallya
    John Mullins
    Sydney Shanahan
    Ezekiel Snyder
    Ryan The
    Kalena Wingrove
Margaret Dunning/ CFCU   Lauren Atkinson
    Alyssa Ewell
    Sheldon Huff
    Justin Kurncz
    Brianna McNab
    Alison Samp
    Khyelyn Young
Al Berrie/ CFCU   Claire Martin
Ron Carlson/ CFCU   BJ Blume
    Ethan Gross
Dul Foundation Scholarship   Sean Bodwin
    Peter Boyer
    Stephen Derosia
    Christopher Hamman
    Sydney Shaw
    Jackson Vacca
    Alyce Krumm
Plymouth Community Veterans Memorial Park

Plymouth Community Veterans Memorial Park

Happy 4th of July!!
We have an important announcement for Plymouth Community Veterans Memorial Park.
Each year thousands of visitors stroll the park, admiring the beautiful pathways, the newly refurbished canon and --- most importantly --- paying respect to the names of the veterans visible on the pathways and the veterans plaza.
After 14 years of harsh Michigan weather, the pavers in the veterans plaza are no longer legible with the names and rank of our honorable service men and women.
The project of removing and replacing the veterans plaza pavers bricks pavers with new laser engraved pavers made of material that has been developed to stand up to brutal winters of Michigan would cost $41,000.
We are pleased to announce Loren Wadington is donating $20,000 from her donor-advised fund at Canton Community Foundation toward the cost of the project.
The remainder of the project will be covered by the Grunwell Cashero Co.
Grunwell Cashero was the contractor for the original construction of the park including stonework, monuments and brick and paver installation.
The work is expected to start in the Spring of 2022.
If you wish to support causes like these please support our Foundation, so we can continue to serve Plymouth Canton areas.
Music in the Park

Music in the Park

How about some live music to enjoy in your neighborhood park with your family and friends!

Lock the dates

Community Foundation of Plymouth makes a significant donation for Mental Health Research

Community Foundation of Plymouth makes a significant donation for Mental Health Research

The gift from the Anthony G. Sclabassi Memorial Fund will provide philanthropic support of mental health programs at the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry. A majority of the funds are ultimately going to be used to support innovative research in the prevention and treatment of depression, bipolar and other mood disorders and will be leveraged into bigger grant dollars.  Additional funds will be used to support the Psychiatry Education and Outreach Gift Fund which will allow for educational programming and outreach for patients and their families, community members, students, educators, health care providers and others touched by mental illness and addiction disorders in an effort to spread awareness and reduce stigma associated with mental illness.

Additional resources can be found on website: https://medicine.umich.edu/dept/psychiatry/michigan-psychiatry-resources-covid-19

A New Way to Donate

A New Way to Donate

 Have an older vehicle that you are considering donating to a cause?

Now you can donate that vehicle to the Foundation and designate it for either the general operating fund or any of the funds managed by the Foundation.

We have partnered with CARS to make donating a vehicle easy.

CARS takes care of everything from the pick-up and sale to sending you the donation receipt and necessary tax documents. CARS is committed to treating every vehicle donor with gratitude and great service while delivering the highest possible returns to the Foundation. To date, CARS has returned more than $300 million to their nonprofit partners.

click here to learn more about how to donate.

Please call Beth Meade at 734-495-1200 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get more details.

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