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Local Impact Alliance Annual Report 2021

Please take a look at our report and see how impactful the year was for our local foundations Canton Community Foundation, Community Foundation Plymouth and Westland Community Foundation.

If you are considering end of the year donation , please scan the QR code, it's that easy to be a Difference Maker!


Dear Friends,

Giving back to your community is one of the highest services you can provide to those in need. And those of you receiving this Annual Report are some of the most generous in our world; and for that, I congratulate and thank you.

But along with being charitable yourself, helping others in your circle of influence to learn how to give is an effort well worth all of out time. During the holidays, I Urge your to have conversations with friends and family members to explain how you give back to your community. Show them a path to philanthropy. Examples are a great way of illustrating to someone the many ways they can give back - and you all are fantastic representatives in showing how to be generous.

In addition, our team at the Local Impac Alliance (LIA) has provided you stories of people right here in Western Wayne County who have worked with our various foundations in order to fulfill their philanthropic dreams.

You'll learn about Serena Baker who is fast becoming a "difference maker" within her community, thanks to what she learned from her mentors in the Lead Like a Girl program. The Canton Police Benevolence Fund, the Last Hope Fund, the Canton Cares Fund, and the Community Foundation of Plymouth are also making their mark in our community.

Through stories like these, you can show someone whom you care about how they can become a "difference maker" in their community. And, of course, we hope that you will point them back to our family of foundations (The Canton Community Foundation, the Community Foundation of Plymouth, Giving Hope Women's Giving Circle, and now we are pleased to add the Westland Community Foundation to our LIA family). Beth Mease and the team at LIA would be happy to help.

Finally, as we enter this season of giving, I hope that you will do as my family does, and take a look at our commitment to philanthropy, what our focus is, and at what level we hope to give in the coming year. Any time you would like to discuss your own fund or an idea for a fund with  Beth and the team, please call the LIA office at 734-495-1200 and they will be happy to make an appointment to meet with you.

I wish you a happy and healthy new year and easy winter.

Your Board Chairman,

Steven Sneideman




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