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Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle

Caring, Community, Connections

The Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle focuses on educating its members about local needs and providing them opportunities to Give to those causes. All members are welcomed and encouraged to get involved either on the Advisory Board or on the various committees listed below


  • Advisory Board

  • Grant Committee

  • Marketing Committee

  • Membership Committee

  • Special Events Committee

  • Media Committee


The Advisory Board position is open to any member who is interested in decision making and energetic about attending planning meetings for the overall organization and discussing the goals and work of committees and opportunities to further our mission. Meetings for the year are scheduled by board consent in January and are ususally held 4 to 6 times a year depending on circumstances. It is a friendly opportunity to share and help.

The Grants Committee has the honor of reviewing applications from local agencies or organizations who are requesting funds to benefit women and their families. They review applications every spring, using an on-line rubric for scoring, and make recommendations to the Advisory Board for their approval.

The Marketing Committee is focused on how to best present our organization to the community at large. Developing a strategy to make and grow connections using types of media and personal interaction.

The Membership Committee is focused on maintaining a current membership rooster with names, home and email addresses and phone numbers. It also includes engaging with perspective members at events and following up with them post events. Growing our membership is a constant priority.

The Special Events Committee has the fun task of planning social events for the membership and their guests. They include spring event, a summer social, a general meeting each fall and a winter holiday celebration. The Committee helps determine charity benefactors, selects refreshments, sends invitations, and serves as hostesses during the events.

The Media Committee focus is on keeping the Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle page content up to date on the Local Impact Alliance website. It will also assist with creation of content for social media posts in cooperation with the Marketing Committee and our Facebook page administrator. New photos, content and calendar additions will enhance our name and organization's recognition in the community. Being timely with all things will go a long way to also growing membership.

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How Do I Join?

Joining Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle is, as our tag line says:

It's a Girl Thing.....It's a Giving Thing.....It's a Good Thing

Please fill out the membership form and join us today! Annual dues are collected yearly in November are divided among Giving Hope's permanent endowment fund, the immediate granting fund and cover adminstrative fees, as described in the Giving Hope operating guidelines. Your annual dues may be tax deductible (consult your tax adviser regarding your specific circumstance).

To join Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle simply click on the link below.

Click Here to Become a Member Today!

In 2006, the Founding Members of Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle contributed a membership joining fee of $1000. These women established our endowment fund which continues to allow Giving Hope to make grants that assist women, children, and families in need.The organization is forever grateful and indebted to this group of Giving Women:

While our endowment fund remains strong, overall economc circumstances have become more unpredictable. Therefore, 2021 Advisory Board was compelled to reconsider and subsequently, unanimously voted to eliminate the membership joining fee.

Founding Members

It was with great respect and gratitude that we recognize the following women for their contribution to the creation of Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle. Each of their $1,000 commitment began the foundation for the Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle Endowment Fund. Their desire to grow philanthropy amongst women in our community and "Give" to assist women children, and families in need tapped into a powerful source of generosity and compassion that all women possess. Theirs is a legacy worthy of honor and one Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle is proud to continue and build upon.

Heidi Bartes

Terry Bennett

Noel Bittinger

Beth Bland

Betty Bloch

Katie Bovitz

Linda Breakie

Shahnaz Broucek

Katie Burnham Laverty

Nancy Christie

Ann Conklin

Debbie Cortellini

Debbie Davidson

Aleda DeBenedet

Linda Demmer

Kathy Denski

Nancy Eggenberger

Sharon Filips

Terry Goehmann

Candace Gulkewicz

Linda Hamilton

Nancy Hillegonds

Nancy Kaatz

Lisa Kennedy

Carol King

Cathy Koepke

Heidi LaFever

Ann LaFond MD

Amy LaJoy

Jean LaJoy

Mary LaJoy

Kathy Lake

Sandi Lethbridge

Leslie Lewiston Etterbeek

Kathy Males

Debbie Maloni

Anne Nauts

Dianne Neihengen

Karyl Niemi

Joan Noricks

Linda Obrec

Carla O'Malley

Elizabeth Patterson

Linda Radtke

Kriss Rautio

Nancy Richter

Linda Robin

Barbara Rodenberg

Susan Rosiek

Lily Rozum

Lisa Rozum

Marion Rozum

Olivia Scott

Erin Sheehan

Camille Shy

Martha Snow

Linda Stencel

Jean Stenger

Judy Stone

Teri Stonerook

Ellen Tucker

Loren Wadington

Sally Welch

Phyllis Wordhouse

Barb Yack

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